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Often times, people lie when they speak three little words.

Do you need a sub, you okay?

“Yep coach, I’m all set.”

Can I refill your coffee?

“No thank you, I’m all set.”

Do you need help carrying your groceries to the car?

Want some help with your math homework?

You need help shoveling your driveway?

But are we really, all set?

Sometimes pride gets in the way. We might actually have a nagging knee injury and would love help with removing the snow covering the driveway. Our lungs are on fire, but we don’t want to appear weak, so we opt to stay in the game and push through the pain.

We lost our job, got divorced or a family illness caused a drastic change to our financial means.

“All set” certainly does not describe our current situation but who wants to hear how dire things really are?

So we simply tell people, “I’m all set.”

This time of year generosity is abundant. People give their money and volunteer their time to help those in need. If we really look though, there might be someone struggling living next door to you, who is too ashamed or scared to ask for help.

It’s easy to give to a well-known charity or donate to the local food bank. It’s harder to recognize when someone close to you is in pain and even harder to offer assistance.

But pay attention and you might be able to see through the words “I’m all set”

Take the player off the court who is turning purple grimacing in pain, sit down and help with the math homework, carry the bag groceries when turned down, and grab the shovel and start digging into the snow drifts.

Small gestures may not mean a whole heck of a lot to you, but are the tiny stitches that strengthen and create strong communities.

A simple smile, a text reminding someone to have a good day, dropping off soup when you know a friend is sick. It’s those gestures of kindness that turn things around.

Because what you didn’t see were the tears and fear of how to tackle ever-increasing debt and still managing to get food on the table and gifts under the tree. Or the hopeless feeling experienced after hanging up the phone after talking to a relative who is experiencing a debilitating illness.

Reach out and the words you hear will change from the hollow “I’m all set” to a gratifying “Thank you, so very much.”

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